Adding or Stepping Up Traits

As you develop your Lead, you get the option to add or step up Traits on your Lead sheet. Here are the four ways your Lead’s Traits change:

Add a Resource

Whenever you draw an arrow from your Lead square to a circle or diamond, you add a Resource. Circles give you access to that character as an Extra; Diamonds give you Locations. Both flavors of Resources start at 2d4.

Add an Asset

Some stages on the Pathways charts give you Assets (Distinctions or Disciplines). All new Assets start at d4. New Disciplines start with one Special Effect each, which you can choose at the end of the Prelude.

Add a Relationship

When one of your Extras is upgraded to a Feature, you move him from Resources into Relationships. You keep the die rating of the Extra, although the rating goes from two dice to one. A 2d8 Extra becomes a d8 Relationship. All of your Relationships with other Leads also start at d4.

Step Up A Trait

On many occasions, the charts allow you to step up a Drive, Asset, or Resource. When we talk about stepping up Traits, we’re really talking about die ratings. Imagine the scale of possible dice in your head: d4 steps up to d6 which steps up to d8, and so on. If you have a d6 in, for example, the Impulsive Distinction, and you choose the Lofty Road during Pathways, it allows you to add a new Distinction or step up one you already have. Since the next die rating after a d6 is a d8, you step up Impulsive from a d6 to a d8.

If you and another player turned an Extra into a Feature (giving yourselves a Relationship in the process) you may step up that Relationship whenever the Prelude offer the option to step up an Extra. You can’t step up a Relationship with a Lead in this way, and you can’t step up a Relationship you added after the Extra became a Feature (i.e., it was never your Extra).

Values can only be stepped up when the Prelude says to. Once you’ve made it through both all of the Prelude, your Lead has nine total steps added to his Values, which are the core of your Lead’s interaction with the story. All Values start out at a d4 in the first stage of the Prelude; when you step up your Values, you usually have a choice of two: Sacrifice or Ambition, Love or Beast, Authority or Mystery.

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Adding or Stepping Up Traits

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