Collaboration and Responsibility

When you play the Cortex+ RPG, you work together with your friends to tell great stories. A lot of decisions are made throughout the game, and most of those decisions you’ll make together. Sometimes you discuss what to do and how to move forward. Other times, you build up a vibe at the table and you won’t need to discuss what happens next because it will be obvious—everyone will know. That’s a good chunk of the fun: working together and getting into that groove with your friends. And the supernatural. That is fun, too, I hear.

The thing is, you can’t get good collaboration without responsible participants. And that’s you—you have to go into the game knowing what you’re responsible for and aiming to make good on those responsibilities. Sure, everybody else at the table is going to give you intriguing suggestions and push you towards different choices, but at the end of the day, you have to decide how to handle your responsibilities. Which suggestion will you take? Is now a good time for this choice, or will the story work better if you hold off for a few scenes? Juggling all these decisions—well, that’s the other big chunk of the fun. Collaboration, supernatural, and choices. That’s the fun of this game.

Here are three short lists of what everybody is responsible for. These aren’t exhaustive, but they’re pretty concise summaries of who does what.


  • Deciding what their Leads do
  • Deciding whether their Leads stand up and fight or Give In
  • Confronting the problems STORYTELLER presents
  • Pointing their Leads in directions that make for good stories
  • Challenging other Leads and testing their assumptions, sometimes with Contests
  • Deciding how their Leads change and grow over time
  • In general, telling the story of their characters


  • Presenting problems (or apparent problems) for the Leads to confront
  • Deciding how Features can best provoke responses from Leads
  • Framing scenes and ending them
  • Calling for Tests
  • In general, stirring up trouble


  • Making everybody else at the table look awesome
  • Selling others’ successes instead of soft-pedaling them
  • Offering suggestions to other PLAYERS, but respecting the decisions they make in the end

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Collaboration and Responsibility

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