Whenever you roll, set aside the dice that come up 1s. Those dice are Complications. You can’t add those dice to your result; they’re dead weight. If you’re so unlucky as to roll all 1s, you automatically fail and your result is considered zero.

Rolling a 1 means something went just a little haywire—maybe not haywire enough to foul up what your Lead was doing, but enough to be a nuisance. Anybody at the table can say what the 1 means: a frenzy in the midst of an interrogation, an overplayed hand in an argument, collateral damage in while escaping from a werewolf. If there are a lot of ideas on how you screwed up (and there usually are), Storyteller picks the one she likes best.

Complications never affect whether the Lead succeeds or fails in what he was doing; they are always additional details on top of the die result.

Complications also add and remove dice from the Trouble pool. When your Complication dice are added to Trouble, things are getting worse and tension is mounting. When it’s Storyteller’s Complication, though, the player she’s rolling against may remove a die of that size or smaller from the Trouble pool. You’ve caught a lucky break, and the tension of the episode deflates a little. There is a silver lining to Complications, too: they might earn you some Plot Points.

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