The first half of your Lead sheet lists your character’s Drives: his Relationships with the people important to him and the Values that he holds dear. Each one has a statement (in italics) and a die rating. The statement describes his impression of each person or value. The rating scores how much he cares about that Drive.

You roll in dice for Drives when your character’s actions advance or assume the truth of the statement. So let’s say you have Camden is playing with fire d8. You can roll that d8 when you’re trying to convince her that the guy she just met is a vampire. Or when you’re working to stop the diabolistic ritual she participating in without knowing. Or when you’re getting the rest of the group to stop letting her go into the occult bookstore on her own.

Occasionally—and by occasionally I pretty much mean all the time—you’ll find that your character’s understanding of a person or a value is not quite accurate. Maybe Camden is acting rationally and responsibly; when you defend Camden’s sensible action to Oliver, you can challenge your Relationship with her. Alternately, your Value of Mystery I cannot let anyone know about my Sire’s Diabolism d10 might come up dry when you realize that Dominic isn’t going to save you from the monster your Sire summoned because you didn’t tell him about it until too late. When you call Dominic frantic for help, you can challenge that Value.

When you challenge a Drive, you get to triple its die—instead of rolling one d8, you throw three. You also note the die size in your Growth pool on your Lead sheet, which is really important. Unfortunately, because you’re questioning your Drive and aren’t so sure about it anymore, you also have to step it down one die size for the rest of the episode. After all, if you stand up for Camden’s plan, you can’t really turn around and say she’s acting reckless in the next scene—or at least, you can’t do that and expect it to work quite as well.

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