Earning Plot Points

Now that you know how useful they are, I’m sure you’re just dying to get your hands on some Plot Points. Never fear: they’re easy to come by—just painful. You earn Plot Points when your Complications are activated and when you use some of your Distinctions.

Remember how earlier I mentioned that those dice that rolled 1s could earn you Plot Points? Sure, they represent little bite-sized servings of disaster, but nothing makes a hero fight harder than a setback. Whenever a Lead’s

Complication is activated, Storyteller may give that player a Plot Point and add the die that rolled 1 to the Trouble pool Your little setback has increased the tension, and things are getting a little more difficult…but at least you have a Plot Point!

A lot of Distinctions get you some Plot Points via triggers, but there’s always a catch. Sometimes you only earn the Plot Point when your Lead chooses to do something a little stupid. Sometimes you pick up the Plot Point when you pull your punches or make the situation worse.

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Earning Plot Points

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