This is where everything changed. Despite your development up to this point, one night your sire came into your life, and it changed your life forever.

Regardless of where you are on the Road stage of Early Years, you may choose any style of Embrace. Your choice here comes with a significant boost in Traits. You also have the option of pruning one of your Resources or Relationships that no longer has any relevance to your Lead and acquiring a new one at the same die rating.

You should be thinking about your clan now. Certain clans have a predilection towards different types of embraces, but a sire may employ nearly any method of embrace.

Pathways Map

  • Draw an arrow from your square to a new or existing circle (NEW Extra) or diamond (NEW Location).
  • Draw an arrow back to a Lead square.
  • Optional: Switch out any Relationship or Resource currently on your sheet for a new Relationship or Resource at the same die rating and draw an arrow to a new or existing circle or diamond as appropriate.
  • Optional: Remove any d4 Relationship or 2d4 Resource and step up another Relationship or Resource.


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