Finishing Touches

You’re almost done! Just a few last details and your Lead is ready to take on the world. At this point, you should have worked through Pathways, have a thoroughly developed Pathways Map and, most importantly, have a pretty good idea who your Lead is. You might even have made him a more seasoned or experienced individual. Your Watchtower is probably chomping at the bit to put you to the test, and your head is likely swimming with future drama you will cause.

Hold up for just a second. There are just a few last details for you to do.

Your Name

Chances are you had a short name to begin with. We can change it now if you like. Make a note of your Lead’s name. You’re going to be using it a lot, so don’t go with something ridiculous. Does it reflect your ethnic background? Do you go by a nickname? Do you use a psudeonym when dealing with mortals?

Your Appearance

Roleplaying games are all in the mind which gives you a good reason to give the other players some verbal images to let their imaginations form a picture of your Lead. Another really good option, put forward by a number of talented game designers and players, is to have everybody choose an actor or actress to play your Lead in the television version of the game. This lets you grab an image of that celebrity off the Internet or out of a magazine and clip it to your Lead sheet for easy reference. Couldn’t be easier, right?

Dead Statistics

What’s your age? When were you embraced? What is your Hometown, current city, occupation, and education? Think Facebook, here. Provide your basic biographical details based on the events of Pathways and your fevered imagination. And if other players have cool ideas for you, give them a shot, too. It’s all basic stuff, sure, but good to keep in mind.

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Finishing Touches

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