How to Roll the Dice

You roll a number of dice together in a dice pool. To start with, you pick up a die for one of your Values and a second die for one of your Relationships. You may also be able to roll an Asset, depending on the circumstances (and yeah, we’ll talk more about this later).

Each of these dice needs to be pertinent to what’s happening in the story. Your Composite – Graphite Grappling Hook’s d8 does not help you impress the foppish Harpy you are attempting seduce, no matter how cool it is.

Here are three examples of how to put together a Value, a Relationship, and (sometimes) an Asset:

  • When Dominic tries to convince Erik to go into the sewers after Erik’s favorite ghoul, even if Dominic was the one who told the Nosferatu primogen where she was in the first place, Dominic’s player rolls Sacrifice + Erik + Guilty.
  • When Emilie reminds her broodmate Dominic to stop spending all his time at the clubs and start helping her at court, Emilie’s player rolls Ambition + Dominic.
  • When Oliver shoots at a creature trying to run off with Lyric over his shoulder, Oliver’s player rolls Love + Lyric + Unlicensed .45.

The collection of dice you can justify rolling makes up a pool. You roll the whole pool and pull out the highest two dice. Add these two together for your result. A high result means you did well; a low result means you did not. For right now, that’s all you need to know: roll them all, add the two highest, big numbers good, small numbers bad.

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How to Roll the Dice

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