Not Everybody is Somebody

The world is full of billions of people without even getting into Wraiths, Vampires, or other boogeymen. There are nearly three million people in the St Louis metro area alone, and while any of them may rise to significance or import, most of them will never been seen. Its best if you look at there being three levels of person.

Leads are the characters that your stories are about; a different player controls each Lead. It’s the players’ job to tell an interesting and compelling story with their characters. Each Lead has a sheet of information and game stats that describes him: what’s important to him, how he gets things done, and a few other details.

Features are the characters that fill significant roles in the rest of the story. Features push the Leads to act, whether by hatching some fiendish plot or by falling prey to one. Each Feature also has a sheet, which looks a lot like a Lead’s sheet.

Extras are the characters that mostly live in the background. Sometimes they have names, sometimes they’re just sort of there. While they may get the Leads to react, they’re almost always acting under someone else’s orders. Extras don’t have a sheet like Leads or Features; you can record any necessary details on an index card, sticky note, or whatever.

Clans, coteries, covens, and countless others

All of the wide diversity of the World of Darkness is running around in this game. There are all the 13 Clans of Kindred, packs of vampires, the F.B.I., the Arcanum, the Wyrm, the Weaver, and Wraiths galore. The storyteller may introduce these as stories in the future, but if you want them to be important from the start, you need to add them to your sheet. Extras and Features can be groups of characters, and if you want Clan Tremere from Day One to play a major part in the story of your Gargoyle and his friends, you will need to not only connect it to your Gargoyle during character creation, but also to another player’s character. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated right now – it’s not. Look at the section on Extras if you are really curious, otherwise keep trucking.

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Not Everybody is Somebody

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