Plot Points

Plot Points are a game currency that you will spend to affect the plot over the course of an episode. Plot Points give you more dice, make the dice you have more powerful, and let you fire off some of your special abilities. You will need to keep track of your Plot Points somehow. One way is to write them on your Lead sheet as tally marks. Another option is to use poker chips or some other kind of token (pennies, paperclips, dried beans—the mind boggles with possibilities).

At the start of each episode, you roll all of the Relationship Traits on your sheet. Take out the highest two dice and add them together. The player with the highest result gets four Plot Points; the lowest gets two. All other players get three Plot Points. At the end of each episode, any unspent Plot Points disappear. Use ‘em or lose ‘em!

Storyteller doesn’t have a budget of Plot Points; she always has as many as she needs. If you’re using tokens, just stack the supply pile in front of her.

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Plot Points

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