Stress Traits keep track of how exactly you’re hurting today—and how much. There are five Stress Traits: Corrupt, Emotional, Hungry, Indecisive, and Undesirable. As you take Stress, the die ratings start climbing.

There are two reasons you don’t want Stress. First, whenever someone rolls dice against you, they can roll in the die rating of one of your Stresses. If you have Emotional d6, Camden won’t hesitate to use it against you, goading you toward aiding her goals. Second, though, if any of your Stress Traits gets to d12, you’re in danger of being Stressed Out. Any more Stress to that Trait takes you out of the scene.

There are also two reasons you actually want Stress. First, you can pay a Plot Point to roll in one of your Stress Traits. Now, your opposition gets first dibs on this, but anything they didn’t just use against you is up for grabs. Second, and perhaps most important, Stress is how you grow and advance. If you get somebody to tend to your hurts and reduce a Stress Trait, you add the old rating to your Growth pool. Additionally, when you get to the end of an episode, you can roll your highest remaining Stress Trait along with your Growth pool.

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