Where the Story Begins

While we go through Preludes well draw up a Pathways Map at the same time. Before that, a quick rundown on Setting and Situation.


We’re going to start in a fictional St Louis, set in the world of darkness. It’s helpful if you think of a character that is from there as the game will go smoother for you in the beginning if most of your Resources are in the area. It will take place in the current year, and unless we state otherwise the politics and major events of the past will all be included. Still, we can change any of that if we want to!

The Leads

Your characters will all be vampires embraced within the last 25 years, who live in the St Louis area and are at least on speaking terms with the Camarilla court that controls it.

Recent events

There have been a growing number of hunter attacks on Kindred over the last few months, and no one is certain why.

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Where the Story Begins

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