Occasionally, two or more characters work together to pull off a single difficult feat. Charles might be pinning the Caitiff to the ground for Oliver to sink an arrow into his heart, for instance.

When you wish to help another character, describe what you are doing and roll your pool as normal. You must roll your Aid before the other player makes his roll. Instead of adding two dice, however, take the highest die you roll and hand it over to the player you’re helping out. He may add the die’s value to his result.

Example: Lexi (played by Amanda) insists on going with Charles (played by Cam) into Tess’ office, probably to “protect” him. She wants to get to the bottom of this artifact issue, too, so Amanda rolls her own pool before Cam does. Her high die is showing a 4, so Cam can add a 4 to his roll of 8. This makes it a 12, which Tess didn’t beat. Which only goes to show that, despite outward appearances, sometimes Lexi does come in handy.

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