A Contest occurs when two or more Leads or Features are working at cross-purposes. When Lois tries to get a quote from Tess about her latest secret project, when Clark tries to convince Zod to resign himself to not having powers, when Oliver tries to put an arrow through the shoulder of this week’s Threat to Life As We Know It—these are all Contests.

Contests are played out in back-and-forth rounds of die rolls between the two sides. The first roll is the action, which establishes a result; the next roll is a reaction from the other side, aiming to beat that result. If the reaction succeeds, that roll becomes the new result that must be beat to continue the Contest. Contests end in one of two ways. Either side can Give In instead of continuing to roll, thus avoiding Stress but giving their opponent what he wants. On the other hand, if neither side Gives In, eventually one side will fail to beat the result, thereby taking Stress and ending the Contest.

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