Sometimes two characters are getting into it and your character is on the outside, wanting to break up the fight before someone gets hurt. You can Interfere with a Contest between two other players, but it costs a Plot Point and comes with a bit of risk.

Hand your Plot Point to Storyteller after either side makes an escalating roll and declare that you are Interfering with the Contest. Describe what you’re doing and roll dice as normal. If you don’t beat the action result, they just ignore you. But if your Interference result beats the action result, you step into the midst of things and stop the Contest in its tracks. Nobody Gives In and nobody takes Stress—yet.

However, if both sides are committed to continuing the fight, they may each give you a Plot Point to continue despite your Interference. Both sides must buy in, at which point all three of you make one roll each. The two combatants should describe what they’re doing to continue the fight before you describe your character getting in the way, or cowering, or what-have-you.

Compare the results of the two players in the Contest; whoever has the highest result inflicts Stress on the other side. Neither side gets an opportunity to Give In; your Interference has made the Contest about hurting the other side. Additionally, if either of their results is higher than your result, they inflict Stress on you. This may mean you take Stress from both sides!

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