The Next Contest

When one Contest ends, it’s common for the players to want to start up another one right on the first’s heels. After all, if the Contest ended with somebody getting Stressed, nobody actually got what they wanted. It’s a natural response, then, to try again, and this is entirely within the scope and intention of the game rules. This isn’t a game rule, but it’s a strident piece of advice: try to hold back on the next Contest for just a bit. Don’t put it off for very long—just a couple lines of dialogue back and forth. Let the characters breathe. Let them explore the consequences of the last Contest and let them build up the significance of the next Contest. A little roleplay between Contests can grease the wheels and set them spinning at top speed.

When you do get to the next Contest, the players who were not involved in the last one get first dibs on starting the next one. If Charles and Oliver had a dust-up while Lexi watched, Lois gets the first barb.

If there are two or more players who all want to kick off the next Contest, have everyone roll their opening action. Whoever has the highest result takes his action first while the others are still marshaling their cutting remarks or sharpening their knives. They can wait until the next Contest, or they can Aid or Interfere as normal.

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The Next Contest

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