Not Born Yesterday

You’ve managed to avoid the failings of other intelligent people. You’re not naïve and don’t walk through life with the blinders that intellect can sometimes subject you to. Roll the Distinction’s die when you rely more on your intuition and down-to-earth judgment to reach a positive outcome, or when you’re cutting through somebody’s line of bull. Compare this Distinction to Clever, which is more about cunning and swift thinking, or Genius, which is the strength of your intellect and ability to process information.

d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to buy a reasonable lie.

d8: Earn a Plot Point and Give your opposition a d6 when confronted with a problem that defies normal common sense or logic.

d12: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll a die in a Contest or Test when you’re convinced you’re being lied to, swindled, or distracted.

Not Born Yesterday

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